‘Create team layout’

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One of the most important links in a company is the team, or rather, the composition of the team and the team division.

If you have come up with a super good concept, but you do not make clear agreements about cooperation and the division of tasks, it will be difficult to be successful and achieve results. And a strong team can make the difference when it comes to being better than the competitors.

Making a good team division quite a thing.

Entrepreneurship is not just something for business, it is also feeling and emotion, not only for you as a team but also for your customers. Finally, you do not do business with other companies or customer numbers, you do business with people. Entrepreneurship is just like a top sport team, if a team member does not go for it, the other team members have to run faster.

If another team member forgets to do something or forget to finish, others may not be able to continue because they have to wait until something is finished. So create a clear division of tasks and planning in Trello, link each task to a team member, state the deadline for each task (which date that task should be) and stick to the agreements you have made as a team.