Target Groups

Youth Trainers/ Youth Workers & Youth (18 -27 years old) based in the Netherlands, Cyprus, Lithuania, Italy and UK.
Beneficiaries: CSO (Civil Society Organisations), experts and practitioners of the Entrepreneurship Education and Training.
Stakeholders: experts and practitioners of the Entrepreneurship, start-ups, hub and incubators networks.

YES Training Modules

It is our passion to let you discover in a practical way what it is like to set up a company.

‘Introduction to Administration & Finance’

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It is important to set up and maintain good administration, preferably digitally. Not only because you, as an entrepreneur, are legally obliged to maintain and maintain good administration. Precisely for yourself as an entrepreneur it is important to keep your company financially sound. Nowadays there are several programs that make it much easier and save you a lot of time.

‘Create team layout’

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One of the most important links in a company is the team, or rather, the composition of the team and the team division.If you have come up with a super good concept, but you do not make clear agreements about cooperation and the division of tasks, it will be difficult to be successful and achieve results. And a strong team can make the difference when it comes to being better than the competitors.

YES Trainers

Are you based in the Netherlands, Cyprus, Italy, Lithuania or United Kingdom? Join YES as a Youth Worker- Trainer Today!

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Join Youth Empowerment by Entrepreneurial Skills

The project will generate a curriculum and an innovative blended training programme based on the combination of face-to-face activities involving Internet-based tools
An interactive learning area with user-friendly e-courses thanks to a nice interface containing a set of quizzes, exercises, videos and useful training material.
Within our programme, we stimulate and practise the use of digital skills among young people, including literacy skills like 3D printing, Virtual Reality, website and e-commerce design and media literacy through e-learning. In addition, we will enforce young people’s soft skills like conceptual and creative thinking, team working, problem solving, to shape their entrepreneurial spirit.