AI & Blockchain Summit – chance for your Startup to grow!

AI & Blockchain Summit will be placed this time in Barcelona, Spain, specifically at the Smart City Expo World Congress. 3 intensive days – 19.-21.11. 2019 – will be full of discussions and networking with inspirational and top leaders from all over the world. The main issues of this year´s Summit will be the future of blockchain technology, artificial intelligence and IOT. Startups will have a chance to take an advice and to see if successful managers consider it potentially perspective. Also, one of the most anticipated programs included is Startup Competition, which boost youngsters and their companies to become stronger and more confident in the field.

You can apply for Startup competition here.


EIT Digital Challenge appreciated 10 European deep tech scaleups of 2019

Sixth year of the scaleups contest called EIT Digital Challenge has its winners. 279 small companies from 33 countries applied and only 10 of them get the prize. The first place in each of five categories wined € 50,000. However, it was not the only reward – they will now join EIT Digital Accelerator. The Chief Innovation Officer at EIT Digital Chahab Nastar said:”…they are all winners in the sense that they all have evidence of growth potential. The juries saw tremendous qualities in the 10 companies that came on top. We now welcome them into the EIT Digital Accelerator and will give them dedicated pan European support for customer acquisition and fundraising.” 

Read more about EIT Digital Challenge here.



Deloitte. and Bank of Cyprus invite us all to Demo Day, placed in their spectacular space in Limassol called ARIS. Event will run December 12th  from 18:00-20:30. Follow ARIS on Facebook and expect more!


2nd Open Call for Human Centric Innovators

LEDGER – a European project financed by the European Commission, is looking for 32 human centric innovators, entrepreneurs, developers, designers and researchers to join the Open Call. Projects have to be based in Research components, relevant for the topic of Privacy-by-Design, Distributed Data Governance and consisting in development, test and validation of technical and economic viability of Minimum Viable Product (MVP) or Service. Open call started at 1st November 2019 and end at the 31st January 2020. For best innovators, LEDGER has up to € 200K. Also, they offer business mentoring, networking and support.

Apply here.

5 relevant Startup incubators for Italian entrepreneurs

Italy has developed whole startup ecosystem, which could be good reason to start your entrepreneurship journey here. On the website they suggest try one of the 5 incubators based in Italy, which help young people succeed in the field with much bigger competition. Northern Italy currently offers the best overall conditions for startups to grow. Central regions are doing well too, with Lazio and Emilia Romagna closely following Lombardy.

For finding the best opportunity for your startup read more here.