Apps that can help you manage your business

This quickly changing world gives us many useful apps that can help us manage things like business or our daily life.

So this is a list of apps you can use and try to make your life easier.


The pocket app is all about “Save now. Read later”. So, if you find a great web content and want to read it later, then that’s where the pocket app comes in handy.

♦2. Motivation 365

It helps you to stay motivated with its hand-picked motivational content. The motivation content is in various formats like wallpaper, quote and story etc.

♦3. Flipboard

Once you sign up for Flipboard, you will be asked to choose the topics of your interest. Based on your interest, Flipboard will aggregate the latest articles or news from best sources.

♦4. Evernote

Using it, you can create and save ideas as notebooks, memos, checklist, to-do lists etc.

♦5. Slack

As an entrepreneur, you need to constantly be in touch with your cofounders or colleagues. This activity is also called ‘Work Collaboration’.  that. It helps in work collaboration and communication. Think of it as a ‘social network for business’.

♦6. Triplt

With the TripIt App, you can organize your travel confirmation numbers,
reservations, contact info & directions. All at one place.

♦7. Wrike

The Wrike app helps to create & manage workflows, manage people and tasks,  create and execute projects etc.

♦8. Mint

With the Mint app, you can manage your money at one place. Specifically, the app can help you to keep track of your spendings, create a budget, track bills etc.